Saturday, May 27, 2023


Max is tiny; the responsibilities are huge. 

One forgets the massive undertaking the care and keeping of little ones can be. 

He's absolutely adorable; the way he toddles around being curious about everything is my favorite thing. What it must be to be all of eight weeks old in the world! I keep thinking Scout, friend to all beings, would have loved to play with him. 

Max likes shoes and has made a little pile of toys, shoes and hand towels in the rumpus room... I'm hoping that the people who live in my house and love their Converses, Docs, and Campers will start putting them away properly out of fear of Max now. Ha.

Pic: Nu with Huck and Max in the backyard.


NGS said...

Being a puppy must be so strange. So many new things and new people and new dogs. Depending on personality, that must be so fun and exciting or scary and intimidating. What do you think Max thinks of all of it?

Nicole said...

Awww! Hi Max! So sweet.

maya said...

Oh, NGS! Max is so adorable. He seems happy and feisty and doesn't seem to know how small he is as he zooms like a torpedo into all of us. He's learning family rules... I think.

Nicole--yes, yes, yes!! SO sweet!!!

Gillian said...

Cute puppies.

StephLove said...

I'm glad Max is fitting in well.

North used to have those exact same crocs Nu is wearing.

maya said...

StephLove! I love the correspondences and similarities that crop up between our kids and their choices!

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