Tuesday, May 16, 2023


I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with duty and being in work mode 24-hours a day. + A gnawing low-key headache all the time.

Texts from home urging me to "tum home soon" (we don't have a toddler, but everyone still uses long-ago toddlerese) weren't helping. And grief for Scout is constant and the risk of it erupting feels high.

I needed some time to myself, so after I delivered everyone to the V&A after class this afternoon, I took off for some solo adventures and shopped for gifts and splurged two pounds on a bottle of conditioner (the bar conditioner DID NOT WORK). Back at the flat, I made myself a veggie-rich meal and am beginning to feel a bit more like myself.

When I shared some pictures from last week on FB, a childhood friend remarked that I was "living the dream." Indeed, I am--time to start acting like it.


Sarah said...

Glad that you recognized the warning signs of impending meltdown and were able to take some steps toward space.

StephLove said...

I'm glad you were able to reset. A good meal often helps.

Gillian said...

Good luck.

Nicole said...

Okay, I am super glad you gave yourself space and love, but also I AM SUPER GLAD YOU MENTIONED THE CONDITIONER. Because I was wondering how it worked when you mentioned it earlier. I have heard so many people rave about shampoo/ conditioner bars and I just...I'm not THERE yet, you know?

maya said...

Sarah & StephLove-- <3 and yes, making myself food definitely helped.

Thanks, Gillian!

Haha, Nicole! Focus on the important things, right? But really, having my hair somehow frizzy and flat simultaneously wasn't helping at all. It's still quite flat and frizzy even with the regular conditioner, so I wonder if it's the water/air here. I plan to take my expensive $9-dollar bar on some other outing to see if it performs better.

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