Sunday, April 30, 2023


Someone's turning 24 (24!!) in a couple of days. We celebrated today because 24-year-olds are busy people.

Biryani, cake, and presents at home and then we headed to a showing of How to Blow up a Pipeline. Just saying the title out loud when asking for tickets made me feel a bit anxious, honestly. I kept asking the kids--does it have a "How" in the title? I told them I didn't want to be like that long-ago friend who used to refer to To Kill a Mockingbird as How to Kill a Mockingbird

My Spring term class starts tomorrow. Somehow in this nightmarish, tear-soaked week, I've managed to finish prepping and sharing course materials. Early.

Pic: At with cake and presents.


Nicole MacPherson said...

Twenty-four, wow! Happy days ahead.
Good luck on your new term today! You've got this, Maya! xo

StephLove said...

Happy b-day to At! I'm a little jealous you got to eat cake with him. Noah's turning 22 this week at school. We'll see him in a few weeks, though, at graduation.

maya said...

Thanks, Nicole, StephLove, and Gillian!
Happy Birthday to Noah, StephLove--the weeks will pass before you know it...
Nicole--thanks for the new term wishes too :).

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