Wednesday, March 01, 2023

turning around

the city still in layers of fears, flowers and tears
considers restoration after destruction
we hang brute, creatures perching 
heavy as bruises in the air

like chalk outlines, my mind falls empty inside
meanwhile--from hard, unforgiving ground
a new, green shoot sticks its tongue out
takes us to March
Pic: Scout wondering if he can figure out what my password is.


Nicole said...

Look at Scout!!! That face!

Gillian said...


NGS said...

He KNOWS the password, but he just can't type it because he doesn't have thumbs. It's a tough life.

maya said...

Nicole--right? He's irresistible! We should do a Rexie and Scoutie meeting one day.

Gillian--so thankful for that...

NGS--I chortled. Thanks for that!

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