Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Going Away... Giving Away

Pic: Big A is the most colorful presence on the Red Cedar River on our New Year's Day hike; he's headed back to work in Milwaukee this morning. 




Also, I love our Fretail Store so much, I'll walk around finding things other people might want that we're not using. Extra set of bowls? Sandwich maker? Present from last year kids claimed to love but did not even open? Nutribullet? Goodwill and  Salvation Army policies give me the creeps, so knowing things will go for free to people who want them is great. I saw that Apartment Therapy had a really nice list of places to donate specific items as well. 


Nicole said...

Ugh, I'm sorry he's gone back to Milwaukee.
We have a "buy nothing" page for our neighbourhood on facebook, and it has been wonderful. I've been able to give away so many things. There is a fellow on there who loves to fix up old things, so I've been able to even give away broken small appliances!

maya said...

I just went looking for our local "buy nothing" FB page and found it! Thanks for the tip, Nicole. The fellow that fixes things sounds like a gem!

StephLove said...

I'm sorry he's left.

We usually do First Day hike, but we didn't manage it this year. Oh well, we did plenty of hiking over Christmas.

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