Thursday, December 15, 2022

long + dull

It's not the temperatures I mind at all. The lack of sunshine might kill me though. I'm looking forward to the solstice so I can feel the edges of daylight lengthening its way into Spring soon

I've been awake for 24+ hours now... I woke up from a post wrapping party "nap" at 11 last night and have just stayed up finishing up the gift sorting and wrapping and "evening out" family presents so everyone gets the same number of  "presents" (five--down from eight last year). The presents are themed, so I can just move things around until it looks like everyone gets the same number of packages although the actual item count may vary. My kids won't care if one of them seems to get more, but this such an ingrained habit now. 

Drove in to work today and puttered around doing homey stuff--took some Christmas treats to my favorite offices on campus, watered my plants, cleaned my office, swept, dusted, tidied. Decluttered my desk and swapped out some table lamps. A colleague needs stuff for their new home, so it gave me some incentive to be ruthless about anything I'm not actively using. Finally got to straighten that one picture that hung crooked and drove me crazy. It wasn't in "my" bay, but the neighboring modern languages bay, which usually always has people in it--so I'd held off until today. Created a chatty nook just outside the English Bay by pulling together abandoned furniture in the hallway--it's a very nice focal point as one comes up by the east staircase now. Tidied up the English Bay sitting area, retired the old periodicals and copies of the college newspaper and arts journal, and rearranged student informational material. I've been told a couple of times that I should let housekeeping or student interns do this stuff rather than do it myself, so it felt good to do all the things without making people uncomfortable. I was such a good little elf. When people come back things will seem neater and nicer even if they can't put their finger on it. 

I got home to everyone (Big A, Scout, Huckie, and Nu) napping. I listened to old Tamil film music as I made us a gingery soup and cheesy corn muffins (jalapeños on top for the grownups) for dinner. I was happy to see Nu eat. He's been home sick for a couple of days: negative for Covid, but the poor baby had a fever and was miserable. He was finally well enough to go back drag himself to school today though. Winter break starts tomorrow, so thankfully, there'll be additional time to relax and recover more fully. 

Pic: A week's worth of cloudy days in the forecast. As dull as today's post!


Nicole said...

Wow, were you ever productive! Although, maybe time for sleep now? That is Getting Things Done. Great job! Sorry to hear Nu is under the weather, man, has it been a bad season for viruses. J is feeling sore throat-ish, AGAIN. He had a wrestling meet last weekend and there were only 2/3 of the other team there, all of whom were a little sick. So, he and his entire team wrestled A TEAM THAT WERE ALL A LITTLE SICK. No surprise now that his team is now all a little sick, and what is even happening. Ah well. Hopefully things will clear up before Christmas.
Cloudy days are a drag. I don't know what it is like where you are, but there is just so little daylight right now. Sunrise after 8:30, sunset before 4:30. Well, solstice is coming.

StephLove said...

24 hours is a long time to stay up. Hope you've gotten some good sleep since you wrote this. Also, I'm sorry Nu's been sick.

Our weather's been in the 40s most days for a while, but yesterday it was in the mid to high thirties and raining all day, which is the worst. It drives Beth crazy when it's almost cold enough to snow and we get rain or sleet or some other nastiness instead.

maya said...

Nicole, I'm SO sorry J is sick again and I hope it goes away soon... and definitely by Christmas!! Why are people being such germy jerks?! Yes, I'm hanging on for solstice and incremental increases in daylight. I've gotten used to North American temps, but I'll never stop looking for light.

StephLove, Thanks. I'm not a snow enthusiast like Beth, but prefer it to rain or sleet for sure!

I'm looking over this post and my--do I sound manic 🙃. I crashed hard and actually needed my alarm to wake up this morning. I remember mumbling "Oh that's my alarm?" when Big A nudged me to answer it.

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