Friday, December 16, 2022

it takes a village...

Dinner at home for some Humphrey Fellows who are working out of MSU this evening. 

HY joked that he'd experienced two things for the first time in his life: (1) building a gingerbread house (2) seeing dogs get fed with a spoon. (#2 is me. I feed Scout and Huck under the table--with a separate spoon--because it makes them happy to be with their pack at dinnertime.) 

I had to charm Nu and Big A--who tend to be less social than At and me--into stepping up as hosts. But as always all the complaints are pre-guests; after guests are actually here, my loves are generous and delightful. My winning argument today was for them to think how kind everyone was to me when I was an international student. 

It was lovely learning a bit about families and hopes and careers in different parts of the world.

Pic: A gingerbread village under construction.


StephLove said...

How cool. I've never made a gingerbread house. Is it hard?

Nicole said...

That is a teeny tiny gingerbread house! How cute! I always buy the pre-assembled ones from Costco, after the Great Debacle in 2009.

Gillian said...

Do you eat after your gingerbread build?

maya said...

StephLove, these are from a kit... I always get a kit. There's a lot of falling down and general gloopiness, which I imagine as being part of the experience.

Nicole, I have to go read what happened in in 2009 now :)!

Gillian--Nu and the puppies do. (Too dry for me--probably because it's from a prepackaged kit.)

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