Monday, November 07, 2022

in the summer of this hot November

we might be like those flowers 
who fall asleep and then
fall apart into seeds

our heartbeats almost habit 
not so much choice--
more like a chore

are you loving the summer 
of this hot November
(I know I'm not)

believe me when I tell you
I've searched for hope
and well... I have

Pic: Koi at the Radiology Gardens yesterday--a very warm day in November.


StephLove said...

It has been so warm here, too! I think it might have hit 80 over the weekend and a lot of days in the 70s. Today it's only supposed to get up to 62. It's unnatural.

maya said...

We're about ten degrees behind you, but yes--it's very unsettling...

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