Tuesday, November 08, 2022

election night to early morning

It's past 2 am and it's a teaching day, but I'm watching a handful of tight races, so I have "reasons" to stay up. Looks like there will be no upsets or surprises in MI. And I'm glad that Proposition 3, which creates a right to reproductive freedom and abortion access in the state, has passed. I am extra chuffed by this success because this was a motivating factor for many young people to register to vote, and it feels like it's their win.

I voted today too! My first time! (My Green Card status worked for decades, but 45's shenanigans made me so nervous, I opted for citizenship.) 

Things I remember from earlier today: The precinct election official had the same name as my dad. πŸ’— LB and TB (outside of the family, my biggest citizenship cheerleaders) took me out to breakfast after accompanying me to the voting station. πŸ’— At gave me some guidance on Prop 1 πŸ’—. Big A drove home after working in the E.R. last night πŸ’—, and then I took him to the polls. One of the poll workers asked if we were Nu's parentsπŸ’—.

Pic: Sunset on midterm election night; my first "I Voted" sticker πŸ’—.


Nicole said...

Ohhhh Maya. Think of all the people who would have been in your (green card) shoes and who would have been scared to vote...that just gave me a huge chill. Yay for citizenship and voting and being able to vote AND that there is a 46!

StephLove said...

Congrats on citizenship and your first vote.

maya said...

Love your happiness and excitement--thank you, Nicole and Steph!

Max week

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