Tuesday, November 22, 2022


At is headed over after his meetings and will spend the night here.

Big A is on his way home and will spend a week here. 

This is the part of the holiday I absolutely love. Nu, Scout, and Huck are pretty excited too.

Pic: Screenshot of a text from Big A. That isn't Huckie in the car, it's Mr. Flooferson (a stuffie the family gave Big A as a silly gift for his birthday last month).


StephLove said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy having all your people in one place.

Nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I thought for sure that was Huck! Awwwwww.

maya said...

Thanks, Steph and Nicole!!
Steph--THAT is certainly the biggest thing I'm thankful for.


A cold day, but beautiful.  Walks with some of my favorite people: L, Big A,  me... Pic: An icy Red Cedar River