Monday, November 28, 2022

dear diary,

Messy, turbulent reentry into the work week today = not a single photo taken. I'm trying hard to stay calm and remind myself of all the big, small, and daily crises people are facing so I can look beyond the forgotten deadlines and damaged expectations cluttering up this last week of instruction. I always forgive these, but staying compassionate does feel challenging sometimes. Mantra: I'm neither the target nor the source of all this; I can let it flow past me. 

Small successes in getting budget approval for books to gift to our capstone students; workshopping final projects; two important sets of e-introductions--a DEI one (SJ-EM) and one for our MFA (SS-WA); finishing up the last of Thanksgiving by folding the pumpkin gravy and the roasted veggies into a sambhar; and a truly lucky and important breakthrough in my CASA case (like OMG, it was mind blowing, and I now know exactly how to frame my report) . 

Went to work with sunrise; headed home with a sickle moon in the sky. But that's ok + these days are short. Dinner with the fam, a snooze with my Scout, and then to bed. (I stayed till Big A fell asleep and then crept out of bed to read... memories of doing this every day with the kids when they were littler made me smile. Guess I do this still with Scout and Huck daily...)


Nicole said...

Wow, what a day. A roller coaster! Yay for the good things and for letting things flow. xo

StephLove said...

Do you have a lot of end-of-semester grading? I used to actually like that rush of work at the end because I could see all the pieces of the semester coming together in my students' work. Also, grading papers and exams was so defined and when it was done, it was done.

maya said...

Nicole--the flow must be the influence of your yoga practice :) .

StephLove--yes--that is actually my favorite part of this last week! Everyone presents their work to the class and I love when they're proud of what they've achieved.

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