Thursday, August 25, 2022

HUGE exhale; halellujah

At and his coworkers did it! They are now the first unionized Chipotle (and possibly first labor union at a fast food restaurant). So proud of this very young crew for accomplishing something so historic and moving the needle in the direction of solidarity and justice. 

We've all been holding our breaths because At really poured himself into this effort and sacrificed a lot. (We've all missed him for months at this point as he worked himself ragged with food service, unionizing, and DSA leadership.) So I'm so glad this thing that is good for the world happened AND I'm happy that At's dream came true. 

I'm still catching up to all the media attention this is getting with Bernie Sanders tweeting about it and At quoted as "union organizer" in this Washington Post article

(Just last year I was worried about his "impromptu gap year;" he's done more than I have in any one year.)


Nicole said...

Wow!!!! This is amazing news, Maya!!!

StephLove said...

I saw that in the paper. Congrats to At and his coworkers!

Gillian said...

Congratulations to all the workers.

maya said...

Thank you blog fam!

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