Wednesday, August 24, 2022


I heard today is "National Dog's Day." Happy Scout and Huckie Day! 

I'm not sure if these guys know they're dogs, and I'm guilty of treating them like eternal toddlers, but I'm always happy to celebrate everything. (I used to get At and Nu those "Every Day is a Holiday" calendars for a few years, and there were some pretty wacky celebrations for a while.)

Big A sent me a heads up this morning that there's a mysterious illness that has killed dozens of dogs in Michigan. Turns out it's a parvovirus. Usually my babies are fairly isolated from other doggies, but I'm taking them to the veterinarian tomorrow for their shots, and that's making me anxious. 

(I'm also anxious about attending opening convocation tomorrow, meeting my new first-year advisees, and making it back in time to take S and H to their doc on time.)


Nicole said...

Ugh, parvovirus. That went through the kennel once when we boarded Barkley, but luckily he didn't get it.

StephLove said...

It was black cat appreciation day the other day according to FB, so we kept telling Xander, "I appreciate you" in a very serious voice.

Gillian said...


maya said...

Nicole, I've been thinking of Barkley too and wondering how you're doing.

StephLove, I guffawed when I read your comment on Xander!

Thanks, Gillian!

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