Saturday, June 11, 2022

Sari: this is special

An early pic from the Henna and Sangeet part of the wedding before we got our henna done and before the rehearsed and unrehearsed singing and dancing got underway. 

I managed my sari ok. Nicole, you asked--and it really is six yards of fabric wrapped, pleated, tucked into a petticoat, and held together by safety pins. I did make the rookie mistake of not putting my shoes on first, so my sari (I'm in the center by the pillar) is not 'floor level' unlike the other saris in the picture. 

My favoritest part of this is how my favoritest aunt is just holding my hand so close because we've missed each other so much these last couple of years and it felt so good to be reunited.



Nicole said...

Oh my! What a beautiful photo of gorgeous women. I love this so much, Maya! Thanks for the info on the saris, I have always wondered. They look so graceful and lovely, but also quite complicated!

Nicole said...

I posted before I finished my comment. I guess I was just really excited about the saris! I love that your aunt is holding your hand and I'm so happy you got to experience this, particularly after the past couple of years.

Gillian said...

Very colorful. Some are not saris, correct?

maya said...

Thanks, Nicole and Gillian. (Gillian, yes--most of the young people are wearing salwar tunics!)

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