Friday, June 10, 2022

cherry picking

I mean Nu is literally picking cherries here 🤗. Between the squirrels and the rain, we didn't get any cherries last year, so Nu decided he'd get in there even as our cherries are just beginning to turn pinkish. 

And... Nu got offered the job he interviewed for at the mall yesterday! He says he was interviewed by two "older ladies" (this was defined for me as "20s or 30s" LOLOLOL) with "great energy." He'll start in July. He's so chuffed that he landed his first job interview ever. 

In other child-related news, in an unexpected development, I'm experiencing a sense of calm post At's car accident now that he's taking the bus everywhere. I didn't realize before how much his driving and his driving while brown status weighed on me. 

I'm about 70% packed for my trip to LA tomorrow. I'm gone for just two nights and Big A is fully capable (and better equipped by training) to take care of convalescing Nu, give Scout his meds, etc. but it still feels weird to leave. I'm ostensibly headed to my cousin's wedding--earlier than planned since the date has been changed due to a cancer diagnosis in the family. That sadness--and the superficial stress of making sure I remember the zillion things I need for my saris--are on my mind. I suspect my cousins and I will revert to being our silly childhood selves when we actually see each other.


StephLove said...

How fun to have a cherry tree.

Congrats to Nu o the job.

Nicole Boyhouse said...

Congrats to Nu! That was so exciting to read. I'm so glad he'll be working with OLDER LADIES with great energy! Lol!

"Driving while brown" kind of took my breath away. I'm sorry that this is a source of stress for you, what a world.

I hope you have an amazing trip. I love weddings and haven't been to one in ages. I have a question - are saris difficult to put on and wear? They seem complicated to me, all the folding. Or is it the sort of thing where you get the hang of it and it's second nature?

Gillian said...

Good for Nu and good for you.

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