Thursday, April 28, 2022

the day of "no"

I'm ordering these "Saying No To Things Punch Cards" for friends. The idea is that you reward yourself for saying no to things by treating yourself to an ice cream after ten "noes." There's a version with cocktail reward as well, and they're available here

Anyway, I would have earned that icecream/cocktail today. I evaluated everything against back pain and let most things go. A missing submission could wait, family could make their own dinner, someone else should give Scout his meds, Big A thinks we should go for a walk? I think not. My planner looks bereft. I researched elaborate menus for upcoming parties, read for hours, soaked forever, spent time with the fam, and fed myself what I wanted.*

*What I wanted ranged across continents and was delicious: an English muffin with hummus, jalapenos + sliced avocado, sprinkled liberally with furikake. 


Nicole said...

Love this, Maya! Making yourself a priority - amazing!

Gillian said...

Sounds tasty but LOL @ that English muffin. Hope your back is better.

Chiconky said...

I love these so much!

StephLove said...

That is a very international repast.

I hope the pain is better.

maya said...


Pain has receded considerably, StephLove; thanks for asking. I'm very (emotionally?) dependent on the back brace now though.

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