Wednesday, April 27, 2022

back in pain

My back pain has gotten progressively worse since the start of the week... I can't ignore it anymore and I don't have to wonder if I'm imagining the twinges.

In the midst of the slowdown and the disruption, a few insights: 

My general humor is greatly impacted by pain. I have so much less patience and do so much less for people. I wonder who I would be if I had had a history of chronic physical pain.

I'm more likely to take medication for the pain if I remind myself that it'll help reduce the inflammation--apparently, I don't think I deserve to take it just for the pain alone.

Nu and Big A are really good at waiting on me hand and foot and I should ask them more often.

I should try to get my treadmill desk up again so I can move as I work tomorrow--sitting and getting up from sitting are the worst.

Pic: Daffodil Hill (we think at its peak) with L this morning.


Nicole said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain, Maya. Take care of yourself just as much as you'd take care of one of your children. xoxoxo
I injured my hip badly in 2019 and I realized first-hand what it must be like for people with chronic pain. It affects everything! Sleep, movement, mental health. I hope you can get some relief soon, back pain is just awful.

maya said...

Thanks, Nicole! xoxoxo

StephLove said...

I'm sorry for the back pain. That sounds bad. I hope it's better soon.

maya said...

Thanks, StephLove! I feel better and hope I'm not imagining this too :)


Some days are just about Huckleberry sticking out their tongue and trying to boop you on the nose.  That's all I have in me today.