Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday dun-day

Yes, it's still pretty dun and uninteresting out, and it even snowed all day today although it didn't stick... but the hellebores (lenten roses) are coming up in a nice reminder that even in Michigan, spring is here. 

Theres a lot of birdsong so it sounds like spring and it even smells like spring.

Wow, I sound like I'm trying to convince myself. 🙃  

Also that's Huck in the picture, Scout stayed by my side. I hope we get to do this again this spring.


Nicole said...

Spring in Michigan sounds a bit like spring in Calgary - dun with a chance of snow! I did see my first robin though, that's a big sign.

Gillian said...

Feels like a fake spring over here.

StephLove said...

We drove through a snowstorm yesterday in the mountains of Western PA/MD. (We'd left Michigan the day before). I bet it was the same one. It was sticking there.

maya said...

Wow--your comments make me feel a teensy bit better about our weather.

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