Sunday, April 03, 2022

A Gentle Reader

A Gentle Reader
I say a prayer--for books to carry me
imagining ballads sweet at lunchtime
in an inventory of lives, distant loves
and for plain books to cry to at night

how light is soft and rich like a fire
how it smolders at the beginning
how embers fade like falling love 
stranded in the chaos we've made

we think wars are everywhere as usual 
within and without--as we like to say--
see shields surrender, becoming songs
in books that have already cast me out

Pic: Hyacinths, heady with scent, are coming up all over the house in various pots and things I stuck them in. (Here: game table in the tea garden; our outside is still wet and muddy.)


StephLove said...


We have hyacinth in our yard that we got in a pot as a sympathy gift when Beth's dad died in 2011. They come up in early to mid-March every year, around the time he died. This year they were a little late and they're still blooming.

Nicole said...

This is so lovely, Maya!

maya said...

StephLove--Hyacinths are are my favorite. I'm sorry about Beth's dad.

Nicole--Thank you <3

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