Tuesday, March 22, 2022

wild and precious time

I chuckle/howl/bawl-ed so hard at this one.

I love Mary Oliver's "The Summer Day" poem so much and love that other people love it too and love that it became something people passed around in the pandemic. I mean there's apparently a whole Pinterest section on it.

But this Sarah Lazarus take on it is hilarious. We have literally been using this line of inquiry to make decisions on birthday plans, vacations, work duties.

Travel, especially, seems to require some unsentimental evaluation. I have some coming up: an honor society meeting with students early April; a site-visit for the big NWSA conference in May; and... do we dare plan a non-US family vacation in June?


Nicole MacPherson said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I love this, but also, sigh, so true. I love travel and I miss it very much. I hope you can have a trip in June!

I'm going to be chuckling about this all day. Mary Oliver is my favourite, and we all love that poem, and "between variants" or "between waves" is how I think of things now.

maya said...

:) Enjoy, Nicole! I did know that you like Mary Oliver and hoped this would reach you.

Suzanne said...

HA. This made me chuckle. And how true. (We are traveling between Covid waves.)

StephLove said...

That's pretty funny.

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