Wednesday, March 23, 2022

the return

home seems habitual
the way it sings to us
tells us special things 
no one else will

the joy of sitting here 
ruined with utter love 
or something edging
it up until 

the singularity of life
skimming the years
dims these currents 
into standstill

so we jump narrative
rewind our best parts
outside the visible
--ask for a refill

Pic: Big A is back! We were at our desk trying to work on a project, but Scout and Huckie thought they needed to check in on us.


StephLove said...

I get this same feeling from re-reading old blog posts, I think. It was North's birthday yesterday and I have been re-reading all their birthday posts, from age one to fifteen.

maya said...

Happy Birthday to North, StephLove!! Nu will be 15 in October too... It goes by too fast <3

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