Thursday, March 17, 2022

the wearing (and eating) of the green

At came to dinner after ages, and although we don't "celebrate" St. Pat's day, I appreciate the Irish so much for their anti-colonial struggle, especially as they shared that liberally with the Indian freedom movement--there's a reason our flags are nearly identical, right? 

Anyway, I had a dinner of mostly green veg, Irish Champ, and green cupcakes ready, but Big A and At missed each other by seconds. Nu and At found an episode of Derry Girls to rewatch, and they picked the one with the Ukrainian exchange student because...

Photo: Our entryway Ganesha has been decked out in some gaudy green this month.

Sadly, the family photo isn't here 

Sadly, the family photo isn't here 
the child mounted the front steps
as his dad stepped into the garage 
in timing orchestrated sitcom style
time pleats like a fin on a paper boat

as today's yellowing sun is ripening 
they are learning in a city of twilight
how to travel on paper boats that trail
hellos and loves in their soggy wake, 
the ridges now closing over; just water


StephLove said...

Sounds like a nice meal.

I had to choose between soda bread and colcannon because I can't have potatoes and bread at the same meal. With some regret (which I would have had either way) I chose the bread, with raisins no less. We also had cabbage soup and Irish cheese and tea.

Gillian said...

I am going to start watching Derry Girls. You are the third person to mention it.

maya said...

StephLove--sounds like a great menu. Tea would have been an easy thing to add to our lineup... next year!

Gillian--We LOVE It!!

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