Friday, May 29, 2020


Our entryway Ganesha was rooting for him!
Big A is home from NYC (yay!). He came home earlier than scheduled (yay!) because he'd developed viral pneumonia (boo!) but he was experiencing chest pains, so hearing it was *just* pneumonia was kind of a relief actually (yay?). He's tested negative for COVID (YAY!!) but his x-ray patterns indicate that it could be early-stage COVID (boo). He drove himself home from NYC because he didn't want to expose people on the plane to whatever it is he has... and that's just the kind of awesome person+doctor he is. (YAY for him!)

All told, I've been quite relieved to have him back home. But still a little salty about folks undertaking the unnecessary risks and exposure that makes it necessary for Big A to undertake risk and exposure.

Anyway. Big sigh. Relief.

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