Friday, February 18, 2022

on to the weekend

I'll be sorry to finish this kaleidoscope of a book tonight/tomorrow. 

Three different fin de si├Ęcles, three sets of American characters who may or may not be connected, so many threads to pull and reincarnations and alternative narratives to ponder. [Something I noticed and may want to build on for a paper/lesson is the way race--with all of its messy margins--is noted. I particularly appreciated how it carefully mentioned when a character was white instead of assuming that everyone was white unless characterized otherwise.]

So yes--very preoccupied with reading at the moment. But also got a ton of student work, a women's month meeting, and misc. followup done. Not much sabbatical work to report, but: Nu got into the AP World History class they wanted; I fell asleep on the massage table and woke up feeling heavenly; it's the puppies' Boss Day so there're strips of turkey bacon in the microwave; At stopped by to pick up some mail and we got in some hugs; and Big A is ordering in Sushi for our dinner. 


Nicole MacPherson said...

This is on my to-read list!

I have been thinking about this a LOT, how being white is the default. I notice it everywhere, and in just general conversation. I am really trying to change that in myself, and am noticing it a lot in books. I just recently read a book that was like this one you mention, that white was mentioned instead of default, and it was so interesting. (the book in question was Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, and it was so good).

maya said...
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maya said...

Wish I could just handover the book to you, Nicole!

Yes, I'm noticing a small change and am excited about it. In a book I otherwise loved--Klara and the Sun--there was a reference in the middle of the novel to a character on the sidelines (Diner Manager) being Black. It made me marvel that every other character in the novel had by default been imagined as some variety of white.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted is on my TBR :)!!

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