Friday, February 04, 2022

Boss Day*

It has been a long and busy week, but it's my "Boss Day" (*translation below) today and I knew things were looking up when I saw this "baby rainbow" in the grey sky at the end of my cold ass walk with L this morning. 

I had a massage with R, my lovely gender-fluid masseuse; some Christmas gift cards to spend; and got some tasty treats (milk chocolate pistachios). 

At showed up for dinner, and I got to play Hot Ones at dinner with the fam. The best part was doing a 15-minute Tai Chi session before At left (with Nu, Big A, and the puppies sort of joining us from assorted places around the rumpus room).

Also: I got Wordle in two. 


*Boss Day must be the best thing I ever made up: we celebrate everyone's "birthday" every month. My birthday is on March 4th, so it's my Boss Day on the 4th of every month--At is on the 2nd, Nu the 11th, Scout and Huck the 18th, Big A the 23rd, and so on. I get the "Boss Baby" a small present (usually a book and some treats) and they get to pick dinner (home/restaurant) and a family activity (show/game). It makes for a nice mini celebration every week. We celebrate the puppies on the same day, because it was too confusing for them if only one of them got special treats. I thought I'd link to a few Boss Day posts, but there were too many when I searched "Boss Day."


Nicole said...

Boss Day is the greatest thing ever! I want to adopt this - except that my husband and I both have birthdays on the 21st, and CAN THERE BE TWO BOSSES. Your birthdays are perfectly spaced for it!

maya said...

A day cannot serve two bosses. Girl, claim it before he does! 😂 But seriously, what a lovely problem to have.

StephLove said...

What a fun tradition. Like Nicole, we have two people (North and Beth) with b-days on the 23rd, so I don't think it would work. We've always celebrated the kids' half-birthdays with cupcakes, though.

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