Saturday, February 05, 2022

day tripping

An early morning traipse and it's off to Yellow Springs with the fam for a quick trip.

I'm going to have a nice visit with the in-laws without worrying about the list of conference-related stuff I have I've noted on my to-do list (register for my SALA presentation; book a hotel for the student honorary; plan out sessions for Michigan Academy; and solicit papers for NWSA). It's the weekend, and Monday will be here soon enough.

I always thought Nu listened to ABBA because of me/Mamma Mia!, but it turns out that my gay kid loves ABBA, and that playing ABBA Gold will get us halfway to Ohio. 


StephLove said...

Sounds like fun to share music with a kid on a road trip. Our older one likes to listen to podcasts in the car, so we do that, taking turns, but the youngest tends to opt out and listen to music with headphones. Over Christmas travels we tried an audiobook, but with less than 100% participation. It was short stories, so the kids dipped in and out.

maya said...

I kind of like for all of us to listen to the same thing on road trips, but headphones are sometimes inevitable. Short stories/podcasts sound like a great compromise.


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