Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"catch my drift"

The Michigan Department of Transportation's list of snow plow names is adorable. Here's the full list... my favorites are "Mission Implowssible" and "Catch My Drift."

Looking at yesterday's first real day of time tracking really helped me see (a) I ought to prioritize work (b) separate emails from deep work (c) make time for work (d) I haven't yet a clue where this time will come from.

There are a lot of hours spent hanging out with the fam and hiking and soaking in the tub, but Non, je ne regrette rien.


Elisabeth said...

Those are hilarious...and sweet. A friend of mine names all her vehicles and I find it hilarious...and sweet.

Yay for time spent as a family outdoors!

maya said...

Yes, the outdoors is a beautiful mood improver, for sure.

While not on the same scale, we name our cars too. The 2007 SUV our older child drives is called "Ahn-old" after Gov. Schwarznegger. Ha.

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