Monday, October 04, 2021

I have no plans to move

for history when undressed
is plain macabre 

I can recite everything I find
and lose myself  

in my stammered translation 
maps lose detail

some time leads to nowhere
poems get shorter


The Fall 2021 Jaggery issue went live today--I'd forgotten the pull quotes and had to scramble to get them done; I finished sending out the last of the NWSA mentoring emails; handed off SAWNET moderation to the October moderator; completed part one of the women's house orientation; started planning the honor society induction; finalized grades on the first paper; committee meetings; committee meetings; committee meetings; started a sabbatical review for a non college colleague; started tenure observations for a college colleague; picked up my laptop post repair. Dinner was leftovers.

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yesterday's sunshine

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