Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Stuff Day

(Offering me something wrapped in bathroom tissue as he exits his elementary school building.)

Li’l A:This is for you! It’s a present.

Me: (cautiously)

Oh, nice. What is it?

Li’l A: It’s a piece of ice! It has two ants and a worm frozen in it!

Me: Uhm. Really, you keep it, you’ll like it better.

Li’l A: You don’t want it?!? But why? Why don't you want it?




Unknown said...

Hehehehe love it...I used to collect tadpoles in my pocket when I was a kid. After a while my mother learnt that I had to empty my pockets before coming into the house when I was out playing. And I never could understand why!!

maya said...

JOAT, You should meet my little guy sometime--you guys have many shared interests (incl. movies)!

And also, i'm surprised at you! You're a girly girl in my head :).

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