Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goodbye to all that

There's too much i've been holding on to from the past year. Too many fears, too many unhappinesses, too much imbalance, too much holding back.

And though we had a wonderful time at new year's road tripping and partying all day and all night (with me quaffing halfsies of champagne at lunchtime), i didn't get a chance to say goodbye to 2008.

We got home and it was same old Baby A daycare where she has been getting sick every week since we put her there, same old Li'l A school where he's in all the gifted programs but trying to drink Ensure instead of eating real food, same old me wondering where all the daytime goes and why i haven't published more.

Thankfully, being South Indian, i get another chance at a new start for 2009. Tomorrow is Pongal, the start of Thai, the most auspicious month in the Tamizh calendar. And today is Bhogi, the pre-Pongal bonfire of the the past year's dross. So i've made a metaphorical little bonfire of my fears and my regrets and let them go. I'll post my resolutions here tomorrow. But in the meantime, we're saying goodbye to daycare and have started interviewing nannies, we've made an appointment for the poor eater to get food counseling/therapy at the Children's Hospital and i'm going to write and submit more.


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