Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I love my husband.

Just really, really, really love, love, love.

Because most people think i dote on our kids, i surprise myself when i admit that in a non Ayelet Waldman sense, i love him more than i love our kids even. In a fire, i'd, obv, grab the tots first because they're so small and helpless and sleep so soundly and Big A jolly well save his own butt and a few others besides. And yes, my kids are delicious and funny, and so squeezy as to seem boneless, and their eyes are the shiniest orbs in the universe and their laughter is the trippiest ever...

But the best days are the ones when Big A is off from work and the kids are off at (baby or elementary) school and we get to go back to bed and hang out and get brunch and nap some more and lie in bed dreaming of big plans and undertaking huge house projects before the monkeys return at three.

The only thing ruining our "naptimes" is our proclivity to make babies if we so much as look at each other. Knowing how much i dislike hormonal contraception, Big A is getting a vasectomy this week. The "little snip-snip" as our friends call it. And the best part: I didn't make any suggestions, throw out any hints. He came up with it calmly, lovingly, by himself. No talk of sacrifice, just how very much he loves me, how my happiness is the most important thing in his life.

We do make exceedingly cute babies though, and there's an irrational part of me that's sad that i will never be pregnant again. But hopefully, there will be more babies--when our adoption papers come through.



ZenDenizen said...

Did you know that Pisces women are the most fertile of all?

Anonymous said...

wow, that was SUCH a loving post. it gave me goosebumps.

tamasha said...

What an honest post. I loved it.

Also, did you just flippantly mention something serious at the end? Eh?

maya said...

Zen--that's an ambiguous fate. I shudder to think of the pre birth-control world!

Thanks, Chai and Tamasha. We're just starting all over with adoption paperwork since we moved states, but hopefully it'll happen soon. It would be nice to double our current kid population with a sibling pair.

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