Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cached up

Where I’ve been in the last couple of months:

*Knocking on doors for the Obama campaign.

* Reading e-mails from the Obama campaign. (And consequently, developing a bit of a crush on David Plouffe.)

*Attending Obama Rallies.

*Hosting Presidential debate parties (okay just one, no--two).

*Donating money to the Obama campaign.

*Making phone calls for the Obama campaign.

*Facebooking for the Obama campaign.

*Giving my internet time to the Obama campaign. (This was different from donating my time. No one asked me to do this and it benefited no one. It mostly involved me refreshing, and fuming every time another Palin story broke.)

*Attending an election-night dinner. 

*Watching the actual results with an impromptu bunch.

* Celebrating the election victory.

* Watching several self-congratulatory episodes of Bill Maher.

*Giving more internet time and leaving comments on a bunch of blogs.

Read a bunch of books when the election sent me too close to the brink of insanity. But everything else just had to wait. Including stuff like writing to the admin secretary at the university to figure out remaining paperwork, and unpacking my clothes. We moved here in August? That’s right.



ZenDenizen said...

Your blog title reminded me of something my niece said. I asked her if she liked the Diwali lights and she said, "Yes, I feeled it in my heart."

maya said...

Dude, I feeled it too!