Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Touching Tough

Some girls fantasize about book deals or marriage proposals, I fantasize far more frequently about be(com)ing streetwise and street-tough. This morning, i woke up from dreaming that I was threatening some guy, who had dared accost me on the street, with a fake can of Mace (i.e. it wasn’t actually Mace, but perfume or WD40 or something) saying tough stuff like, “You get that one for free, but don’t try it again. Think again, Loser.”

In other news: My friend Clo and Big A and i are on TV today! The Discovery channel--’cos we be wild like that! (Alright, that would really be Cash Cab @ 5:30 p.m.)


Anonymous said...


maya said...

_Jeopardy_ it was not :)

But thanks much!

Anonymous said...

But aren't you the one who whacked a tookus with an umbrella :))?

maya said...


True, 100 :))

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