Thursday, September 14, 2006


(for R and Y)

He sat at the table and cheerfully pulled out a handful of hair,
She sat aglow and riffed words more than I’d ever seen her do.
I expected to dream about affliction that night
Instead I was unexpectedly made so happy

That I dreamt of revelry, giggly fish, and candy-colored lights.

Now I think about those two
And how well they make it seem
As though everything’s on plan
Except for the unexpected wedding

And the confused, we‘re-leaving-right-now trips to the hospital.

They do such a terrific job
Such a wonderful, slap-up, first-class job
That I’m simultaneously
Really, really happy for them

And surprised and embarrassed when I identify envy.



Anonymous said...

Cancer? :(

BridalBeer said...

Thanks for your mail. It helped. And your posts are awesome.

maya said...




Thanks. Hope you'll keep writing (and reading :) .