Thursday, June 13, 2024

people to be joyous about:

* a colleague on a committee who took a gentle, but necessary, suggestion like a champ and acted on it. No pique, no passive-aggressive resentment, no defensiveness. Just beautiful.

* a kid who asked for something non-phone related on our "Buy Nothing" group... not just for themselves but for their two siblings as well.

* three students who want to do summer projects. I may bristle about committee work over the summer since we have no summer salary, but I love, love, love working with students. It all seems so pure: my students aren't doing it for the grades, I'm not doing it for pay.

* all the friends at the sleepovers Nu has been having. I'm glad to be that mom with the locked liquor cabinet and pallets of (Costco) snacks if it means I can hear Nu and their friends, two rooms over, laughing into the wee hours. 

*Pic: Nu. Who doesn't always look like this :) (and with whom I have the most amazing two-hour long discussions about Plath, Whitman, and life). Happy June 13th, I guess. I gave the teenagers something to laugh about when I walked in to say goodnight and visibly jumped at the sight of Nu's made up face.


Nicole said...

I loved being the house where all my kids' friends would be too! Was Nu just playing with makeup for fun?

StephLove said...

I would jump, too, if I wasn't expecting it.

In the two weeks between the end of school and leaving for camp, North was trying to spend as much time as possible with friends, both one-on-one and in groups. I think they had fun. We didn't buy pallets of treats, but North did bake a lot for these get-togethers.

Gillian said...

Scary photo.

maya said...

Nicole--Same! (Their friend did their make up.)

Steph--I wasn't expecting it in the least :). How lovely of North to make treats for their friends! I have a fear of having guests go hungry and although Nu insists that no one will want to eat, the snacks are usually gone by morning.

Gillian :)

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