Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ugh edition

Alice Munro died... last week. I only just found out. Although it seems like she hadn't written since the Nobel Prize, I liked knowing she was in this world. I will reread some stories in her honor tonight.

Bluey (my car) has been at the dealership since JANUARY. I'm so used to just plugging in to charge since 2019, and I am so over going to the gas station every few days now to pump gas in this loaner they gave me. Plus, I miss Bluey! 

Our air conditioning isn't working. We were told it wouldn't last the season when we moved in eight years ago, so I should be thankful we got those extra years... and I am. (But still salty we probably have to spend $$$ now.)

U of M used chemical substances on their students and took down their encampment (Tahrir) after 30 days. It happened at 5:30 am and the organizers sent a text requesting people to show up... but I was asleep. Many of the Jewish Voices for Peace students are now in hospital with chemical burns. How can a university attack the students in their care!??

Pic: The solarium smells so good because one jasmine blossomed. Just one. I had to peer closely and follow my nose to find the one true bloom (bottom right). I can't imagine how heady it would be to have the whole bush in flower! (I mean I know how heady it would be from my India days, but I'd be delirious with happiness if I could replicate that here.)


Nicole said...

As you can imagine, I was so sad to hear about Alice Munro. I'm not typically affected much by "celebrity" deaths, and she was 92, but I was very, very sad to know she's no longer in our world.

Nance said...

My Prius was in the body shop for two weeks, and I thought it was forever. I can't imagine going almost five months! I can't remember the last time I pumped gas.

I had to give in and turn on our AC when it hit 88 here with so much humidity. I'm grateful for it, but I hate using it. It's as isolating as wintertime being all closed up.

Alice Munro is a treasure. Isn't it wonderful that all her writing is still here even if she cannot be?

Gillian said...

Nice photo.

StephLove said...

It was sad to hear about Alice Munro. At least she had a long, full life.

January, wow. That's a long time to wait for a car.

North's half-sibling Avery goes to U of M. I'll ask them if they've been involved in any of the protests.

NGS said...

Since January?! What are they doing, rebuilding it from the frame up? That's such a long time.

maya said...

Nicole--I thought of you. We'll need to tip some wine out in honor of her homegoing.

Nance--Pumping gas is tedious. And 88 degrees deserves AC no matter what the calendar says. And I too am grateful Alice Munro was in our world.


StephLove--Avery's perspective would be interesting either way. Yes, grateful for Alice Munro's longevity in every sense.

Engie--Right?!?! They had to wait for a part to be shipped from Germany. I sometimes imagine that every freight plane and ship disaster in the intervening months had a role to play in this delay. What? I have to do something other than twiddling my thumbs! :)

Jenny said...

Of all these tragedies, I focused in most on the AC. You live in Michigan so hopefully it's not a big issue yet- but here in Florida we wouldn't last a day. It's been so hot here- abnormally hot, even for Florida- that every day I mentally thank the peson who invented air conditioning.

maya said...

Jenny--I should like to think I could handle heat since I grew up in the tropics before A/C was ubiquitous... but the truth is A/C is just so nice!

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