Monday, March 25, 2024


if a mouth wails of never
do the lifted eyes count
to hold the world close 
to call it done... a day

crushed easily as a flower
we've said less this year
I catch the light, press 
in one more goodbye

had you remained forever
I could have loved more
yet owe thanks for our
time here ur-gently


Pic: Max frolicking. His rascally, trusting eyes and floppy ears are my favorite. This darling turned one today. This was also the week Scout took ill last year--he'd be gone in exactly a month. Somehow, it always feels like Scout arranged for me to meet Max. I know looking after Max and watching his antics lifted me from the depths of so much this last year. Love you, Maxie! I hope you enjoyed your banana and peanut butter pupcake, extra long walk, and the new squeaky toy you've already disemboweled.


Nicole said...

Aw, Max, happy birthday! I love dogs frolicking!

StephLove said...

That's a nice way to think about it at the end of the poem.

Gillian said...


NGS said...

Did you have a long talk with Max about his responsibilities now as a dog. No longer a puppy, Max, you gotta step up!

maya said...

Nicole--I feel so happy when they do <3

Steph--Thank you <3


Engie--He didn't want to hear it :). He's the baby of the family, so it's ok though :)

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