Friday, February 16, 2024

what we do

the sky is full of bright 
holes, so whatever falls
from  them  is starry-- 
starting from distance 
but  now  lodged here

like empathy turned
into  a fact,  eternal
and  then carefully
teaching us to crest 
in  announcements

on  days  when  our
world seems ready to 
ignite, we can shout:
"I love you so much"
in a room of strangers

Pic: Max and Nu in yesterday's surprise snow. 


Nance said...

This is lovely. The cadence especially is soothing and almost prayerful.

maya said...

Thank you, Nance! It was meditative making it too.

Gillian said...

Nice photo.

NGS said...

Pretty snow! Not too much, not too little!

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