Sunday, February 04, 2024

"bougainvillea, sing your song"

I grew up with bougainvillea brambles practically growing wild over all over the neighborhood houses, walls, and gates even under drought conditions. Needless to say, nostalgia plays a big part in how much I love these plants--got to love their hardiness and range of color too. 

Back home (in Michigan) I have two bougainvillea plants I got at the specialty nursery, and one manages to put out a few blooms in the summer and the other one is dormant (or dead :/). 

So it always surprises me when I'm in tropical climes and they seem to be growing untended the way they did in my childhood. (Especially if it's in the U.S.--they do that in California, Hawaii, and Florida AFAIK.)

In Cabo, they seemed to be using bougainvillea as hedges and cropping them pretty closely, but nothing could keep these plants from showing off a little bit. 

Pic: A Bougainvillea hedge. I took this as a reminder that we're on the cusp of Spring, and soon we'll be awash in scent and color. I took a long Boss Day walk by myself this morning to say goodbye.



Nicole said...

Oh, you're in Cabo! Cabo is so beautiful. So are those flowers. I am always amazed to see flowers growing so wild and so colourfully, having lived basically my whole life in Calgary. It gives a person great appreciation for local flora.

StephLove said...


NGS said...

I don't know if I've ever seen a health bougainvillea plant in my life. Upper midwest for LYFE!!

maya said...

Nicole--Yes--it was blissful.

Steph--All those colors in a hedge. I'm jealous.

Engie--I legit LOL-ed. (And then wondered about my life choices... lol)

Gillian said...

Nice photo.

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