Sunday, January 21, 2024


Nu starts a new day of term tomorrow.

At is in D.C. giving a talk to an organizing group who sprang for air tickets, hotel, and honorarium. So cool. 

Big A has been on the volunteer list for Gaza for weeks, but there has been no movement, because the organization cannot guarantee safety for its volunteers. This is the first time I've been okay with him going to a conflict zone. Twenty years ago, when he wanted to volunteer for Iraq (partly because it would forgive his med school debt), I vetoed it. I was even wary when he volunteered for COVID relief in NYC in early 2020 when things were baaaaad. But I feel like this is no longer even a choice. It's not going to get better until everyone who can help, helps.  

In the meantime, I'm so grateful a colleague is willing to travel with the honorary students to their presentation in St. Louis. Because Scout fell sick while I was at the event last year, convention hotel rooms now give me anticipatory anxiety and dread. 

Pic: The holly bush outside has been frozen for weeks now, and is now pretty in a different way.


StephLove said...

North has another week until 3rd quarter. They are looking forward to being a second semester senior.

Good for At.

That's intense about Big A possibly going to Gaza.

Nance said...

What a terrific opportunity for At.

Kudos to Big A for his willingness and courage to help in Gaza. You're incredibly generous and brave to be on board with this decision. I have to say I'm not sure I could be the same, knowing how dangerous and unpredictable the situation is there.

I wonder how much longer anyone can countenance the behaviour and actions of BN, or his incendiary vision of the future. So dangerous.

maya said...

Steph--Thank you. Honestly, it has seemed like At was in stagnation mode, so this was news that gave me hope.

Nance--Thank you. It took me a long time to get to this point. They're also asking for a five-week commitment, and that may not be possible with A's current employers, so the decision may be out of my hands anyhow.

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