Saturday, January 13, 2024

pivot, pivot, pivot

So we're not headed to Yellow Springs, OH for our belated Christmas with Big A's family this weekend after all. We were holding off on a decision because of the storm and then between the snowstorm... and Nu's finals next week... and my back... and Big A's general fatigue... and the likelihood of Max drooling/barfing all the way... and Huckie's dislike of MIL's dog Izzy... We're just staying home.

I'm so disappointed and my MIL is too--because we're the main gift-pickers and givers, I guess? No idea when we'll reschedule as Big A's hours have been brutal lately. We're probably just going to mail things out next week.

It has nearly been a week since I threw out my back and I thought it would be better by now. I even imagined it was getting better, but no. Today was worse than ever, and I feel so disheartened. It's frustrating because I hurt my back trying out a new exercise routine to get stronger, and now here I am--unable to do anything but the most basic stuff.

Pic: No pics. I was too busy feeling sad and sorry for myself.


Nicole said...

Oh Maya, first of all, I had no idea you threw your back out. Back pain is awful and I hope you can get some relief.
Second, what a disappointment. I am so sorry. You must have been so looking forward to it, too. I'm sorry you had to cancel it.
I don't blame you for feeling sad, it's really too bad. January needs brightness and this sounds like it would have been a brightening trip.

Nance said...

Oh, back pain is so upsetting. It affects everything you do, and you never really know if it's serious or not, or exactly what to do to make it better.

Just like the weather, really, isn't it? Sigh. You're at its mercy, too. I'm sorry you're missing Christmas at your husband's family home. But! You were ready for it! That's a Big Plus! XO

Gillian said...

Get well soon.

NGS said...

Back pain is no joke. It impacts every other part of your body! Treat yourself kindly and remember that it's better not to be in the car for eighty billion hours when your back is sore.

maya said...

Friends--I was so struck by your thoughts on back pain. You're so right! It IS awful (Nicole) and affects everything (Nance) and impacts every other part of the body (Engie). I'm certainly at its mercy. Walking is my exercise but also my therapy, and I'm so crabby without it.

Thank you so much for the advice and wishes! XOXO

StephLove said...

I'm sorry you're still in pain and that you had to cancel a long-awaited trip. That does sound disheartening.

Sarah said...

Ugh, I’m sorry. I hurt myself shoveling and can barely turn to the side and feel the same way about it. I think we should both be Victorian ladies and take to our beds for the foreseeable.

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