Sunday, December 31, 2023

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As the internet has it, today is 123123 (12/31/23--only in the US with our weird month-before-date practice, but still); pretty cute.

I'm very dissatisfied that I haven't done my weekend chores (caretaking plants, vacuuming) going into the new year, but c'est la vie. Nu came over to gently hug me when I was worrying about this and said: "Don't worry, mama! You'll get it done, you always do." I had thought they were going to offer to help me, (LOL) but this is sweet too. 

Also, health is SUCH a privilege. My standards really dropped yesterday. Although Nu was having a sleepover, I didn't make food, check linens, etc. I couldn't. It helped that the guest was celiac and carries their own food, but still.

At 9:00 pm today, I'm headed off to the NYE write-in with the lovely Pooja Makhijani and crew. My plans are to finish the annual New Year's Day poem and work on a couple of projects. 

There's some lingering and irrational sadness today because of all the strange and unsettling dreams from yesterday. But all told, still a good day. I'm glad to have recovered. Grateful for people who light lamps for me when my light flickers. Grateful for family, friends, kindness, and decency in this hurting world. Oh, how I wish Scout were here with me every day. I'm grateful to Max for making me laugh every day.  I am absolutely stunned by the moments of beauty and grace life continues to bring. I hope all of it and justice too will come to all of us. "Ring out the thousand wars of old / Ring in the thousand years of peace."

Pic: I'm in love with this dead branch absolutely bejeweled with moss (from a soggy walk with Max and Huck).


Nance said...

I find moss to be beautiful, too. It collects on the stones in our backyard pathway and on our pond. I always want to leave it, but Rick wants to remove it. It's a constant argument. I show him photos of English gardens and cottages where it is in profusion; he merely shakes his head, tells me that I take after my father who let Nature riot in abandon in his yard.

I'm smiling at Nu's comment. Sometimes kids don't quite Get It, do they?

And yes, Health is a Gift that inspires our Gratitude daily (or should).

StephLove said...

I hope you ring in the new year feeling better.

Gillian said...

Happy New Year

Sarah said...

LOL at Nu-- too real

NGS said...

I loved to hear that there's another celiac out there who provides their own food. Sometimes I feel like my husband has a rep for being really weird about food, but it's hard to feed him!

Good health is a privilege and I'm happy to hear you're feeling better!

Nicole said...

I did not realize it was 123123, how fun. Now, I never remember if it's month first or day first, but hey. This might help me.
Happy New Year my friend. I am glad you are feeling better. xo

maya said...

Nance--I love what you said about your dad and trees--I feel that the way he did about gardens too. Luckily for me, it's too a huge a project for us right now, so things simply stay as they are :).

Steph--Thank you! Feeling normal :).


Engie--It seems like that's a given when one has Celiac, sadly...

Gillian--Thank you!

Nicole--Happy New Year! I know you stayed up past your regular bedtime for this one :)!

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