Wednesday, November 01, 2023

can you hear me now?

(for Scout)

I used to whisper to you 
in Telugu
              so you'd know how love sounds   
              in all my languages
                                     saying yes, only yes, 
                                     so it falls like love
                                     yes to all tenderness
                                     which I... become 
              there's still the same world  
              with my changed life  
and somehow eternity 
seems an enemy

Pic: The salad Big A made to go with our tiny pizzas was so good! Shaved artichokes, fennel, grapefruit, and avocado in a lemon-dijon dressing. I don't think I've eaten a raw artichoke before? We decided marinated beans, more parmesan, and ground pepper would be good add-ons for next time. Nu won't be home for dinner this week because of the school play, and it's giving us a taste of how it might feel to be empty-nesters. Pretty cool, actually!

When I picked Nu up, they were holding hands with another theater kid and skipping all the way down the car line. It was adorable. This is so different from the faintly agoraphobic child of last year, and I'm so grateful.


Sarah said...

OOOOOH YES-- fennel and grapefruit sounds like the perfect combo.

Nicole said...

Maya, my dear friend, my eyes welled up with happiness at the last part. Oh, Nu! I am so happy to hear this. I know how difficult last year was.
I want to climb into my computer and eat that salad. It looks amazing. J is still living with us but occasionally it's just R and I and it is a very strange empty nest feeling. A good one, though.

StephLove said...

We seem to be on parallel tracks. The school play opens tonight so we haven't been seeing much of North at dinner either. (And last year at this time they were in a psych ward-- this is a much better kind of not seeing them.) No empty nest here, though, as the boomerang child is here.

NGS said...

Oh, it's so good to see that your love and support have allowed Nu to thrive. Good for all of you!

I've never had raw artichoke, either. It's edible that way?!

maya said...

Sarah--SO good!

Nicole--Thank you <3.

StephLove--I was thinking about that too... So grateful for the recoveries of the last year...
Noah is a year or two younger than At and North is a year ahead of Nu, may we be on our parallel trajectories for a long, long time!

NGS--it was! (shaved on a mandoline and softened by vinaigrette)

Gillian said...

Nice salad.

"praying for peace/living with love"

The world is so beautiful and the world is so terrifying. Over 17,000 people have been killed by bombs and gunfire in the past eight weeks.....