Friday, October 27, 2023

small talk

the hours whisper: hurry, hurry 
deep in the day, as we wade in 
the news rippling like a rumor
in the safe normal of the world

what songs can we follow now
across borders certain to harm 
their traceless calm an unreality
their scenery silent... and empty

the willful trails worn into time 
still show in between... the wars
everyone wants the good stories 
of better worlds no one has seen
Scott Long, a fellow at the Human Rights Program at Harvard, has uploaded his entire (1700+ volume) library on Israel-Palestine to the cloud. The link is here.  I was horrified midday that many of the Gazan accounts I had been following were now silent; no internet, no landlines, a complete communications blackout. 

Pic: Still at the conference; here's a little station that says "Give Solace Take Solace" and a ton of PostIts with messages on them. Mine is the blue note that says "Be Curious, Be Furious."

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Gillian said...

Sad news.

on a break (Winter Break)

It was so rude of Big A to cheerily text me "one more year" on New Year's day and then explain that in 2025 Nu would be off to...