Saturday, October 21, 2023


Big A turns 50 on Monday... it seems like a very BFD. It has been wild to reflect on the changes over the decades.

After I made everyone some (frozen) pizza for brunch, we commemorated this BFD by playing several rounds of how-well-do-you-know-the-birthday-baby.

Big A kept looking to me and asking if I had the key to questions like favorite book and favorite song--haha. I guess it is difficult to isolate things like that. But better than the right answers were the discussions the questions provoked. I think we did great job of figuring out his favorite author (Kurt Vonnegut), his favorite genre (hip-hop, which also turns 50 this year), and everyone was 100% certain that he'd never been on a blind date (he hadn't).

Pic: Nu, At, Big A, Max, and Huck. I imagine I can see the lake through the windows...  We got in around 2 am last night. KB had said the front door would be unlocked and we should just let ourselves into her parents' summer place. The door was unlocked and I did let myself in, but I was a bit worried that we may have let ourselves into the wrong house... I relaxed only after I saw a family picture with KB on the wall. 


Nicole said...

OMG imagine being in the wrong house!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!! 50 is a BFD (R just turned 58 yesterday, which is feeling pretty close to SIXTY, my goodness!) I hope he has a great celebration, much deserved!!! I love that our guys are almost birthday twins. Although R is a Libra and A is a Scorpio and that feels QUITE different!
I love that he loves hip-hop! Me too!

StephLove said...

That's funny he seemed to want your help for questions about himself. But I get it. Those kinds of questions can be hard. I like the way you painted the scene.

NGS said...

OMG! This reminds me of a time when we had book club at a member's house and she told us to just come into the backyard. Well, she lives in the suburbs where all the houses look the same and it was dark and I couldn't see the address numbers on the houses and I was just tromping through someone else's backyard. I was such a creeper!

maya said...

Nicole-- Yes, I was immediately thinking of similarities despite the different zodiac categories! Nu is a Libra :).

Steph--Right? He's got a very tongue-in-cheek/cheeky sense of humor. (And thank you!)

NGS--LOL! Just an accidental creeper though!

Gillian said...


Sarah said...

50 does seem big! I am looking forward to mine. OMGGGGG the wrong house would be hilarious and also terrible. But so good for a blog post.

maya said...


"praying for peace/living with love"

The world is so beautiful and the world is so terrifying. Over 17,000 people have been killed by bombs and gunfire in the past eight weeks.....