Sunday, October 08, 2023


No "Sunday scaries" today because we're on "Midterm Fall Break," which is, basically, just Mon and Tues off (because Thanksgiving next month will give us Wed, Thurs, and Fri off) blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, etc. 

The specifics don't matter! It's just SO NICE to not have to jump right into the week. I'll catch up with grading (I can dream!)

I took myself outside to prevent myself from falling into a "funk" (as my dad would call it) about the UAW strike (now in its fifth week--the workers are getting $500 a week and that can only go so far) and the war in Palestine (on top of all the horrors of history and occupation).

I spent hours in the backyard raking and in the garden tidying with Max, then a blissful massage visit from RR, a chatty, catch-up visit from JL replete with carrot cupcakes and champagne, a soup I invented with butternut squash, spinach, and almonds, and a depressing but so-good book (Emma Cline's The Guest) made up the rest of my day.

(Somehow although I spent hours outside with no casualties, I got a yellowjacket sting inside the house.)

Pic: Post-dinner jinks with Big A, Huck, Max, and Nu.


Sarah said...

We don't have a fall break-- the students really need one, though, and they wend up missing the entire week of thanksgiving, and it's a struggle that KEEPS HAPPENING. I loved The Guest and really couldn't put it down.

Gillian said...

Cute picture.

Nicole said...

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, so happy Thanksgiving/ fall break to you!

NGS said...

My husband always laments the lack of fall break on his schedule. It means you go-go-go until Thanksgiving and then there's CRAZY PANTS time until the end of the semester. *sigh* I'm so glad you get a breather, though!

maya said...

Sarah--Absolutely agree that students need a break right about now. I think we'll all be better for it.

Gillian, Thanks :)


NGS: I get what Dr. BB is saying--that sounds frenetic right up till the end. ("crazy pants time" lol)

StephLove said...

That soup sounds good.

I read Emma Cline's The Girls which you could also describe that way. Maybe it's her schtick.

maya said...

StephLove--Yes, The Girls was so good! This has a contemporary setting and I was so depressed because it depicts how we continue to serve patriarchy despite how far we've come.

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