Saturday, August 12, 2023


Back home, it's inauspicious to say you're leaving--you're supposed to say, "I'll go and come" (meaning I'm leaving now, but I'm coming back later). "Poyi-Ostha in Telugu; "poyitu-vaaren" in Tamil. Guess I've left and come back to one of my homes.

It felt so good to see Big A's dear face when he picked us up at the airport, such a shriek I did shriek. Max is huge and can now bark, Huck is her crazy-dainty self, everyone was just so excited to see each other. 

I've since watered the zillion plants; cleaned the things other people don't care/know to clean; unpacked our suitcases; refilled the hot tub; cleaned the tiled floors (the big vacuum is tomorrow); cleaned the space around Scout's memorial, etc. etc. I'm not sleepy in the least. Might read and/or do some laundry next. 

Pic: I brought some of the old vinyl records from my mom's collection back with me. She loves music and used to have shelves and shelves of records--now only a couple of suitcases since my parents moved in with my sister some years ago.  Some of the albums have numbers pasted on the corner: This is from when my mom organized them into genres and had my sister and me help by cutting numbers out of an old calendar (this was before home printers) to catalog them.


Gillian said...

Enjoy nice records.

Nicole said...

Welcome home! I love travelling and I love coming home, it always feels so cozy to putter around.

StephLove said...

Sounds like a nice homecoming, for people and beasts.

NGS said...

He learned how to bark! Oh, no! The milestones always happen when you're not home. LOL.

maya said...

I was ready to be back!

Gillian, I did today :)!
Nicole, other people might say relaxing is homey, but all power to us putterers!
StephLove, the lines between people and beasts are pretty blurred over here.
NGS, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING too. He's still working on it though and I have some notes for him. :D


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