Sunday, August 20, 2023

family stories

1) Burr (not brr) 

Nu spent a lot of time outside with the puppies and when they all came in, Max was covered in burrs. Nu started to brush them out of his fur when they noticed that Max seemed to be nibbling at their clothes... Nu thinks Max was trying to get burrs off of them

What a sweet story! I love so much about this story including Nu being up early enough to catch the sunrise with Max, spending time outside, taking care of Max without being prompted, building a story about Max... Max adores Nu and that has been so, so good for Nu. 

2) Hair today (gone tomorrow)

At some point last year, I may have said in passing that a ponytail would look cool on Big A or maybe I just thought someone's ponytail looked cool. However it started, the next thing I knew Big A was growing one. And then I kept saying how cool it was, so he kept growing it out. Turns out neither of us really liked it that much and now he's relieved to be getting it cut tomorrow. 

I would never change my hair for Big A or anyone, just saying. I do think it's kinda sweet that he'd do that for me though. Being adored by Big A is so, so good for me.

Pic: Huck, Max, and Big A. This is why we call Max the Kool Aid pup--the floofball'll just flop all over people with no warning and in the strangest of postures. Don't miss his eyes!   


Sarah said...

Both stories are SO sweet.

Nicole said...

Of course Big A adores you, who wouldn't! He's lucky!
I love that Max and Nu have bonded so much. And also...we had a burr issue here too just recently. It took forever to get them all out.

StephLove said...

Very sweet, both stories.

Gillian said...


maya said...

Thank you friends, I was being glib and jokey, but I'm truly grateful for life's blessings.

Nicole--ugh, burrs! I thought they were supposed to be a Spring thing!


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