Tuesday, June 27, 2023

notes on meetings and missives

*At our meeting today, one of my CASA kids said something that was heart-wrenching. It's a shame a crime how children have such little agency in their own lives.

* My sister sent me a list of the contents of sixteen boxes she's had shipped to me instead of herself (shipping costs to India are higher). I get to unbox everything this weekend and go shopping for big suitcases afterwards. I've been 'carryon only' these past few years, and don't have check-in size luggage anymore.

*I was at JG's for some long overdue hugs, presents, and catching up after her three months in Europe and then SD called while I was there to catch up after my Jamaica trip.  I'd always wanted JG and SD (friends from different times and places in my life) to meet, so I was able to do that over FaceTime today. (i.e. Once I figured out SD was on FaceTime and I removed my phone from my ear so she could see more than a nice closeup of my hair. Ha.) 

*Our UU pastor wrote to say that some youth from a rightwing organization have been showing up at meetings and services and targeting and "berating" members of the congregation. I've been too swamped to go to UU lately, but I'm sad this is happening and will try to be there in support this Sunday. (In similar news, JG's synagogue was informed by the FBI that they were the targets of a "credible bomb threat." What the heck is happening in Michigan?!)

*A punchy card from KB in the mail--I felt like she'd affectionately punched my shoulder and told me that I "got this." I felt very loved and also entertained because she memorably ended with "Fuck the assholes (but not really)." It's kind of funny and mysterious and my internal slogan since.

 Pic: Max post vaccinations at the vet yesterday, stolen from a post on the clinic's FB page.


NGS said...

Do you think your friends will become friends? I have two friends from college who live 20 minutes away from one another. They know each other, obviously, but they don't hang out together unless I'm there. I think they SHOULD be friends, but they're not really, and I don't understand the disconnect. Maybe I'm just not a good friend matchmaker.

Nicole said...

Wow, what IS happening in Michigan? Horrible things. I am so sorry to hear this.
Max, though. What a face. WHAT A SWEET FACE.
Sixteen boxes, how big are these boxes and how will you fit all the items into your luggage? I also have been doing carry-on only so I will send all good "don't lose the luggage" juju your way.

maya said...

NGS, I remember this! Yes, I do hope they'll be friends! I just let it develop naturally these days though... Once I told two friends that they were so like each other, they'd get along great--and then both of them were so upset I thought that because they didn't like each other!

Nicole--SUCH A SWEET FACE!!! Bringing me so much joy every day.
I should have said sixteen *packages*--they are of varying size and contain quilts and lamps and things. I do think that as At, Nu, and I will each have a check-in piece, we should be able to fit it all in.

StephLove said...

I'm sorry about the harassment at church. That sounds terrible.

Is your trip to India soon?

maya said...

StephLove--the harassment is terrible, I heard it was targeted towards people who were perceived as "different."

The trip to India is in early August--the kids haven't seen my parents since before the pandemic, sadly.


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