Thursday, June 22, 2023

"back to life, back to reality"

At and Nu were lovely while Big A and I were gone: they took care of themselves and the puppy sibs, attended Pride events together, hosted DSA-related meetings here, and kept the house neat through it all. So while I did a complete vacuuming, cleaning, and restocking of the house today, I didn't have to navigate any big messes--just the little ones that no one but me notices.

But I kept vacation vibes going with two long hikes with Big A. Then we vented and backup planned about the delay in his Michigan job, I worked on the garden (deer ate our hostas and annual flowers again), and Big A worked on replacing the mailbox that someone ran into last week. 

Also: I joined a new committee at work (the invitation came from someone I want to work with), am thinking about volunteering for taking on an extra overload course at work next year (we've had a sad and surprise departure in the department), and reassured an editor that I'll have work to them by the end of next week according to our schedule (I hope it's not wishful thinking).

We got home yesterday, but today felt like we were really back!

Pic: Big A with Huckie and Max. Not a very good picture, but it makes me smile--all of it: Huckie's side eye, Max's proprietary paw, the fact that Big A is still wearing the two-dollar bead bracelet I got him...


Nicole said...

THANKS A LOT, MAYA, I'LL BE SINGING THIS ALL DAY *however do you want me, however do you need me*
Boy, your mailbox has had some hard times lately! Sorry about the deer - where we are going there are a lot of deer so I'm wondering if we will have to fence the gardens (might be not a bad idea with Rexie). However...having a 100 pound dog peeing everywhere might deter the deer? Time will tell.
Yay for At and Nu for being so responsible and clean! I was so thrilled when R and I went to Mexico and the guys were so good about the house. Even though they drank the expensive Patron with Dr Pepper, which is a crime.
Wow, you are going to be even busier than normal with all that! Exciting times ahead!

Gillian said...

Cute puppies.

StephLove said...

Welcome home. Sorry about the deer. I hate losing garden plants to pests. So far our biggest problem this year is squirrels digging in pots and destroying plants they don't even want in the process.

NGS said...

Our yard is so overgrown (we spent 1.5 hours just trimming hedges so we can drive down the driveway and walk to the garage) that I would welcome some deer or goats or whatever to come and destroy the foliage so that it would be gone and I don't have to schlep it to the compost pile. Send your deer my way!

maya said...

Nicole, it's only fair after all the earworms *you've* given me! 🙃 Re. deer--I was told it's best to get a deer-proof fence before you have a deer problem. Our fence isn't tall enough, and now we're part of their nightly tour so they'll eat things they're not even supposed to like. Rex might deter them... but they seem to quickly realize if it's only barking and no chasing.

Thanks, Gillian!

StephLove--we have the same thing happening with our planters on the front porch! I have no idea why they just dig up stuff for me to sweep up every day. They seem to eat the begonias but not the marigolds.

NGS--consider the deer sent! I'd be fine if they ate grass and foliage, but they eat my flowers too! I recently heard of a company in TN that hires goats to come chomp on your grass--I thought that was so genius.

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